The Labor Movement Archive Foundation (AAMOD) is active in the field of audiovisual media (cinema, television, multimedia, zavattinifilmic and photographic archives), to encourage the creation and dissemination of stories and the collective memories of the social movements and their protagonists. First president of the Foundation was Cesare Zavattini who has held this role for many years.

The Foundation has always been committed to researching, collecting, producing, storing audio-visual historical documents, archive, current affairs, narrative reconstruction, and in the promotion of their knowledge, study, analysis and processing for new uses and reuses. It organizes researches and studies, conferences, seminars, festivals and exhibitions on subjects related to the history and society, the relationship between cinema, imagination and memory.

AAMOD Foundation will once again participate in SiciliAmbiente with a Focus on 1968, the presentation of a series of short films from the Zavattini Awards, and the AAMOD Award for one of the films in the running, or the free use of 3 minutes of footage from the historical archives.

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