The Mission

SiciliAmbiente is an international festival of documentaries, shorts, animations, and fiction films related to environmental, sustainability, and human rights issues.

Promoted by the City of San Vito Lo Capo, Demetra Produzioni, and the Cantiere 7 cultural association, it was born in 2009.

Every year there is an increased collaboration with many international, national, and regional organizations operating in the audiovisual sector, and with as many dealing in sustainable development and human rights.

Among the prizes, in fact, is that of Amnesty International Italy for the best documentary on human rights, and the Greenpeace Italy prize for the best documentary on the environment.

All SiciliAmbiente awards are also financed by Arpa Sicilia, with which the relationship grows every year and which this year, in the autumn, will bring the festival to schools.

For years, SiciliAmbiente has received important awards in the field of sustainability. The Festival has repeatedly won the Culture in Green award of the Buygreen Forum for best “green” cultural initiative in Italy.

With our partners we aim to build a relationship that avoids the dynamics of a sponsorship, and that instead aims to promote a series of activities that can involve the citizens and tourists of San Vito lo Capo.
It is with this spirit that every day, in the late afternoon and with the help of our partners, we promote reading through book presentations, accompanied by an aperitif based on organic and local food; and that every afternoon we guarantee a wide choice of excursions, workshops for children and teenagers, and photographic exhibitions.

It is also thanks to our partners, since the first editions, that SiciliAmbiente has received many accolades, and since then the festival has never stopped growing, multiplying the sections of the film competition, collateral events, and encouraging the participation of guests and public.

The location certainly has its merits: San Vito Lo Capo, with its sea and its wonderful sunsets, is a perfect setting.

Starting from cinema, we aim to be an essential point of reference for the realities that share our principles, and we want to try to help create a network that increases the contribution of the audiovisual form as an artistic expression, but also as a means of cultural growth within a realm of sustainability and human rights.

We want our festival to contribute to the spread of a “culture of sustainability”, based on a sustainable development perspective from which all the populations of the planet, present and future, can benefit, and in which social protection, such as the fight against poverty, human rights, health, integrate with the need to conserve natural resources and ecosystems, in a realm of mutual support.

We just have to invite all of you to come and visit us in San Vito lo Capo on the days of the SiciliAmbiente Film Festival.

Mission Festival SiciliAmbiente
La Mission del Festival SiciliAmbiente
La Mission del Festival SiciliAmbiente
La Mission del Festival SiciliAmbiente
La Mission del Festival SiciliAmbiente
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