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Angela Caponnetto

Angela Caponnetto

Angela Caponnetto was born in Palermo. Now she lives in Rome where she works as a correspondent for the RAI all news channel Rainews24.

She reported the main national news cases including the investigations on Mose and Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the sinking of the Concordia, the mafia infiltrations in various sectors of the economy.

For years she has been reporting the phenomenon of migratory flows, in particular with various search and rescue and reports on military ships and NGOs in the Central Mediterranean Sea, Lampedusa, Niger, Senegal, Gambia. During the conflict in Ukraine she was sent to Moldova where thousands of refugees fleeing the neighboring country transit.
Among the various reports, she followed the movements of children and unaccompanied minors migrants and the improper use of immigration funds in a refugees camp in Calabria.

In June 2020 her first book was published: “Through your eyes: news from migrations” for Piemme, Mondadori. Among the several awards she received: Rosario Livatino UniCalabria Award 2015; “Blue Eyes” International Journalism Award in Lampedusa in 2016; CIR’s Ambassadors of Humanity Award in 2018,  Article21 Association Free to Inform Journalism Award in 2021.

Anna Favella

Anna Favella

Actress and sustainability advocate, Anna Favella, 38, after a career in theater and TV series, joined the cast of the internationally successful Netflix biographical television series “Luis Miguel – The Series” in 2018. In 2022 she plays Ester, the lead character alongside the comedy duo Ficarra and Picone in the Italian comedy “Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mistery”, available worldwide on Netflix and renewed for a second season, given its great success. 

In the same year, in prime time on Canale 5, we see her in the TV series “Justice for All” in the dual starring role of inspector Daniela Donati and her twin sister Beatrice, alongside Raoul Bova and Rocío Muñoz Morales.

A staunch environmentalist, she has long been an active supporter of sustainability-related causes, she is also ambassador for Amnesty International, a well-known international nongovernmental organization committed to defending human rights.

Nello Scavo

Nello Scavo

Nello Scavo is a special correspondent for “Avvenire”, a newspaper he has collaborated with since 2001. International reporter, court reporter, war correspondent, his inquiries have been relaunched by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Independent, The Guardian, Le Monde, Huffington Post, La Croix, Bbc, Cnn, Clarin, La Nacion, El Pais, El Mundo and others. He investigated organized crime and global terrorism, signing reports from ex-Yugoslavia, Cambodia and Southeast Asia, from countries of the former USSR, from Latin America, from the most hostile borders of Turkey, Syria, the Balkan Route, the Horn of Africa, and the Maghreb. In September 2017 he managed to enter a clandestine prison of Libyan smugglers, reporting on the conditions of the trapped migrants. In 2016, after having traveled the land route of the Balkans together with caravans of refugees, he was in Syria in the catacombs where Christians went to live tunder bombing raids. In 2011 he was among the first int he world to enter the city of Mogadishu with CNN, Reuter sand the New York Times. In recent years, he has been among journalists to spend more time on migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean. And in January 2019 he was the first reporter to board the Sea Watch 3 ship which was stranded at sea for three weeks. In 2019 he unveiled the negotiation between Italian authorities and oil, arms and human traffickers in Libya. Due to the repercussions of that investigation he was placed under guardianship. Among others, he wrote “La Lista di Bergolio” (Emi, 16 languages – 60 countries), “Luigi Ciotti, un pretre contre la mafia” (Bayard, France). “Francesco’s enemies” (Piemme-Mondadori, translated in over 20 countries). “Perseguitati” (Piemme – Mondadori, under translation). The last book is “Fishers of men”, written with Don Mattia Ferrari (Garzanti, 2020) currently under translation.

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