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On the occasion of the exhibition “NEW HOME. Design trends”, by students in Industrial Design of the Faculty of Architecture from Palermo University, cured by Prof. Arch. Benedetto Inzerillo (collaborators: Carolina Benanti, Salvatore Bevilacqua, Dario Cardella, Chiara Minì, Gabriele Muratore), the most voted work of art will be awarded with a bike Tropea100 kindly offered by Cicli Lombardo s.p.a.

Moreover, Cicili Lombardo s.p.a., during the Festival, will organize an exhibition of special models of bikes next to our Info Point.

“An interior of any kind, private or public, permanent or temporary, is a combination of complex elements that determine the quality of the relationship between individuals and the space in which they live. The elements necessary to modulating and composing an interior design project are the spatial dimensions according to the destined use and modalities of fruition, decor, lights, colors, sounds. Designing and contemplating harmonious and functional living spaces means considering the shell of the house as the starting point and attentively projecting its interior: trim, staging, furniture elements, color, light, textures, materials, the conditions for comfort, etc.
The economic crisis of the past years on one hand, and new needs and lifestyles on the other, have noticeably changed the needs of contemporary society. Now, the focus is no longer on research and exhibition of luxury, but has turned to a more concrete essentiality and rationality. Heavy decorations are disappearing from interior design, favoring simple and elegant geometric lines.
This means a return to essentiality that rejects excess and instead favors simplicity of form. Furnishings are becoming essential but transformable, they adapt to new demands, to ever smaller homes that are in constant transformation.
Research in some way points to a revisiting of the origins of design, which proposes new forms and functions that take advantage of new technologies and information sources that, by now, offer indispensable support for every sector.
The strong points of future design are in sustainability, harmony and recovering values of life. These are the new directions that design must follow in order to renew and reinvent itself over the coming years”.

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