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Red and black

“Black” is for the black and white chosen for the shooting of this timeless ritual. Swordfish fishing has always been done in the same way, by using special boats called “palamitare”, as tradition dictates. “Red” is the color of blood, of the ropes, of the tanned backs of the fishermen. The movie, like a painting accompanied by Antonello Neri’s music, mixed with the sounds of the sea and the wind, tells a mythical and yet contemporary tale.

Scuola Fuorinorma Award

The film is awarded due to the corageous way it tackles the technical/expressive sonorization perspectives of the film images. 

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Copia di Rosso e nero loc1 (1)


Diretto da/Directed by: Elena Caronia

Prodotto da/Produced by: Alessandra Vanzi

Montaggio/Editing: Elena Caronia

Musiche/Music: Antonello Neri

Suono/Sound: Elena Caronia

Durata/Running Time: 15′ 15″

Paese di produzione/Country of Production: Italy 2016

Contatti/Contact: rosellinaneri@yahoo.it

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