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My grandfather was a cherry tree

This is a movie-memory, narrated by a young boy about his views on life and death. It’s also a story about an unusual grandfather who could hear trees breathing, and believed that “a person can’t die if someone still loves him”.

“Il faro” Award for best animated film

The award consists in a €500 cash prize.

The circle of life and death is described with sensitivity, such as the hand it’s drawn by. The lyrical narration makes its core universally recognized.

Filmography: Warm Liguria (2014), Quagga (2013), Noise (2012), Tomato Story (2010)


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poster_Cherry (1)

Diretto da/Directed by: Olga Poliektova, Tatiana Poliektova

Prodotto da/Produced by: Independent

Montaggio/Editing: Olga Poliektova, Tatiana Poliektova

Musiche/Music: Nicola Lerra

Suono/Sound: Vladimir Sukharev

Durata/Running Time: 12′ 30”

Paese di produzione/Country of Production: Russia 2015

Contatti/Contact: tio-2@yandex.ru

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