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La Bibliotheque est à nous

Clamart, in the suburbs of Paris, France. An unusual library has captivated and stimulated the local youth for fifty years. Born from a private initiative to offer books and freedom to children, this exceptional place is now struggling to preserve its independence, while facing increasingly restrictive public policies.

Best documentary, ARPA “Il faro” Award

€ 1000 cash prize, offered by Arpa Sicilia.

Cultural work as an antidote to social exclusion and as a weapon of mass salvation, able to actually fight marginalization, at the root of terrible choices, which we are witnessing directly in these years.
The forty year experiment in Clamart is very close to what We are Living today in the places where the relationship between people and their territory is made to disappeat, if the power is left exclusively to a certain type of politics.
The theme treated with direct and objective language Is not only witness to a Story which was successful, and is now racing difficulty, but also defines details of this experience, painting it as a model to observe, comprehend, and emulate as soon as possible.


Born in Paris in 1986, Kaspar studied Physics, Art History and finally Film Making at the INSAS film school (Belgium). Since 2012, he has worked as a technician on many feature films in France, England or Germany. By side, he has made his own documentary and narrative projects.
2015 The library is ours (La bibliothèque est à nous), documentary
2014 Papillons de nuit, narrative short
2012 Plutôt la vie, narrative short

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Diretto da/Directed by: Kaspar Vogler

Prodotto da/Produced by: Les Hautes Lumières

Montaggio/Editing: Kaspar Vogler, Corinne Dubien

Direttore della Fotografia/D.O.P.: Kaspar Vogler

Musiche/Music: Kaspar Vogler

Suono/Sound: Kaspar Vogler

Durata/Running Time: 54′

Paese di produzione/Country of Production: France 2015

Contatti/Contact: kaspar.vogler@gmail.com



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