The winners of the 9th edition:
Best Documentary: Mundiya Kepanga, the Voice of the Forest, by Marc Dozier and Luc Marescot (France)

2nd Best Documentary: Jardines de Plomo by Alessandro Pugno (Peru, Italy, Spain)

Audience Award for Best Documentary: K2 and the Invisible Footmen, by Iara Lee: Activist & Filmmaker (Brazil)

Human Rights Award, given by SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival and Amnesty International Italia: Mommy’s Land, by Garret Atlakson (Cambodia)

AAMOD Award: Life by the Landfill, by Chiara Bellini (Italy)

Best Short Film: In a Few Years Everything Will Be Different, by Julie Engaas (Norway)

2nd Best Short Film: The Learning Alliance, by Muhammad Umar Saeed (Pakistan)

TTPIXEL Award: Salifornia – Short Movie, by Andrea Beluto(Italy)

Special mention for the short film section: Plastic Is Forever Documentary, by Dylan D’Haeze (USA)

Best animated film: Confino, di NICO BONOMOLO WORKS (Italy)

2nd Best Animated Film: Alike Short, by Daniel Martinez and Rafa Cano (Spain)

“Bike Shorts” award: Don’t Forget to Smile, by Gianmaria Spavento (Italy)