World premiere from Italy “The War in Cuba” by Renato Giugliano
from Italy also the “Exodus” by Ciro Formisano
from Austria “Crush my Heart” by Alexandra Makarová
from Iran “Highway” by Seyedeh Farzaneh Amini

Starting this year, SiciliAmbiente ha added an international competition for fiction feature films to the historic sections of international documentaries, short films, and animated films. There will be 4 titles that the public will be able to see in San Vito Lo Capo on August 4-8.

A world premiere and 3 Sicilian premieres. World premiere of War in Cuba, by Renato Giugliano. Is there a link between fake news and integration? Five stories set in a small community in Valsamoggia with its daily life distorted by an outsider, an unscrupulous journalist from the big city. Barricaded in the municipal library, someone shoots the crowd on the day of the patronal feast of the village where the protagonists live. The stories of the five characters intertwine over the week preceding this dramatic event. In the cast Elisabetta Cavallotti, Younes El Bouzari, Marco Mussoni, Luigi Monfredini, Lorenzo Carcasci.

Also from Italy, the Sicilian premiere of L’Esodo, Ciro Formisano’s debut film. 2012 is the year of the technical government of Monti and Francesca, 60 years old, she is suddenly exodus, without income and no longer able to offer herself and her granddaughter a dignified existence. In the cast Daniela Poggi, Rosaria De Cicco, David White (V), Simone Destrero, Carlotta Bazzu.

Alexandra Makarová’s Crush my Heart (Zerschlag Mein Herz) comes from Austria. Somewhere on the outskirts of Vienna, a mafia gypsy, Rocky, rules his “family” with an iron fist. Among the members is the teenage street beggar Pepe, who is forced to give him his daily income.

In the cast Roman Pokuta, Simona Kovácová, Frantisek Balog, Simonida Selimovic, Maximillian Six, Sasa Makarová.

Seyedeh Farzaneh Amini’s Highway (Bozorgrah) arrives from Iran. An exciting road movie starring a woman trying to join the Iranian national shooting team for the world championship. Her husband forbids her to participate based on what the country’s constitution says. The woman decides to flee by car with an autisca to go to Tehran. A long journey begins and a long conversation between the two, to which, along the way, another passenger is added. In the cast Majid Vasheghani, Shabnam Gholikhani, Mahlagha Bagheri, Mohammad Shamaeian.