The 9th edition of Siciliambiente Documentary Film Festival is approaching. From July 18th to the 23rd, in the enchanting location of San Vito lo Capo (Sicily), the following selected films will be presented for the contest, divided into four sections: Feature documentaries, Short films (fiction and documentaries), Animated short films, and Bike Shorts.

Feature documentaries

1)“JARDINES DE PLOMO” by Alessandro Pugno; Peru, Italy, Spain 2017Jardines de Plomo poster

2)“10 MILLIARDEN – WIE WERDEN WIR ALLE SATT? – 10 Billion – What’s on your plate?” by Valentin Thurn; Germany 2015

3)“MOMMY’S LAND” by Garret Atlakson; USA 2017

4)“IL TEMPO DELLE API” by Rossella Anitori, Darel Di Gregorio; Italy 2017

5)“POWER TO CHANGE – DIE ENERGIEREBELLION” by Carl-A Fechner; Germany 2016

6)“LA GRANDE MONNEZZA” by Chiara Bellini; Italy 2016

7)“K2 AND THE INVISIBLE FOOTMEN” by Iara Lee; France 2017

8)“FRÈRES DES ARBRES – L’APPEL D’UN CHEF PAPOU – Mundiya kepanga, the voice of the forest” by Marc Dozier, Luc Marescot; France 2017

9)“LA VILLE ENGLOUTIE” by Anna De Manincor; Italy, France 2016

Short films (documentaries and fiction):

1)“PLASTIC IS FOREVER” by Dylan D’Haeze; USA 2016

2)“SALIFORNIA” by Andrea Beluto; Italy 2016

3)“VIENTO” by David Argüelles; Spain 2016

4)“MADRE SNATURA” by Elvira Fusto; Italy 2017

5)“AURORA” by Despina Economopoulou; Spain 2015

6)“AT THE OTHER SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY” by J. Prieto, L. Llamas; Spain 2016


8)“CONECTIFAI – Connection” by Zoe Garcia; Cuba 2016

9)“THE LEARNING ALLIANCE” by Muhammad Umar Saeed; Pakistan 2016

10)“TARFALA” by Johannes Ostergard; Germany, Sweden 2016

11) RESPIRO” by Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi; Italy 2016

12)“THE BUS TRIP” by Sarah Gampel; Sweden 2016

Animated short films:

1)“CONFINO” by Nico Bonomolo; Italy 2016

2)“ALIKE” by Daniel Martinez, Rafa Cano; Spain 2015

3)“TEDDY BEAR” by Hermes Mangialardo; Italy 2017

4) TEMPO” by Arjan Brentjes; Holland 2016

5)“THE ALAN DIMENSION” by Jac Clinch; Great Britain 2016

6)“OUR WONDERFUL NATURE” by Tomer Eshed; Germany 2015

7)“(IN)FELIX” by Maria Di Razza; Italy 2016

8)“E IS FOR EVOLUTION” by Paul Kusmaul; Germany 2016

9)“WISHING BOX” by Lizzie Zhang; USA 2017

10)“SKAZ PRO OSLA – A donkey’s tale” by Tatiana Skorlupkina; Russia 2016

11)“WATER HUNTERS” by Massimo Ottoni; Italy 2016

12)“DIE LICHTUNG – The Clearing” by Paula Wittich; Germany 2016

13)“CHIKA THE DOG IN THE GUETTO” by Sandra SchieBl; Germany 2016

Bike Shorts (films focusing on the bicycle and sustainable mobility):

1)“HISTORIA MÍNIMA DE LA BICI” by Pablo Acevedo; Mexico, Spain 2016


3)“TALL BIKES WILL SAVE THE WORLD” by Zenga Bros; Canada 2016

4)“VISIONARY” by Caroline Knight; USA 2015

5)“GRANNYMAN STARTS AGAIN” by Alvaro León Rodriguez; Spain 2015

6)“DON’T FORGET TO SMILE” by Gianmaria Spavento; Italy 2015

7)“MAMA AGATHA” by Fadi Hindash; Holland 2015

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