At SiciliAmbiente on Wednesday 21 July, among the documentaries the film No News by Lennart Hüper will be presented, from Germany as an Italian premiere. At the center of the story is the ship Lifeline of the German NGO by the same name which, in June 2018, after a long odyssey and the threats of kidnapping by the Italian government, arrived in Malta with over 450 migrants. The Italian government claimed that the rescue operation had taken place in Libyan waters and that the NGO had violated the rules of international law, replacing the Libyans. The organization, on the other hand, claimed that the rescue took place in international waters. Furthermore, Italy contested the nationality of the boat. The ship flew the Dutch flag, but the NGO was German. The documentary, which will be presented at 9:30 pm, is the story of that story. After rescuing the migrants at sea, Captain Claus-Peter Reisch will be tried and the ship confiscated. What does it mean to be forced to wait while people are drowning a few miles away? No News offers an insight into the absurdity of European migration policy and observes the people who have defended change but have had a sense of how little this is often wanted.

At the end of the screening, the director Lennart Hüper will meet the audience of the festival together with the journalist and juror Nello Scavo, and Alessandro Metz, the social owner of Mediterranea Saving Humans.

At 11.30 pm, out of competition, the special screening of Candle in Barbed Wire by Fabio Masi in collaboration with Amnesty International Italia, partner of the Festival. The story of Amnesty International’s sixty years of struggle for human rights seen and told through the eyes, words and actions of a group of activists and volunteers from the Italian section, portrayed in their daily defense of fundamental rights.

At 22.00 the day ends with the feature film in competition Assandira by Salvatore Mereu with Gavino Ledda, Anna König, Marco Zucca Corrado Giannetti, Samuele Mei. Soaked in water right into the bones, Costantino falls onto the haystack like an old piece of wood returned to the earth by the stormy sea. The torrential rain has just finished putting out the fire that ate the farm in the middle of the woods, Assandira, in one night. But the rain did not quench the pain, the burning remorse for the son who died in the flames and was unable to save. At dawn, the first to arrive are the carabinieri and the young magistrate: Costantino tries to tell them what happened on that last night, to explain how it all began.

For literary aperitifs in the Garden Area of ​​the festival at 7.30 pm in the company of Mari Albanese and Angelo Sicilia there will be the presentation of the book “Io, Felicia. Conversations with Peppino Impastato’s mother ”. In the summer of 2002 Felicia Bartolotta, Peppino Impastato’s mother, tells two young activists, Angelo Sicilia and Mari Albanese, among the animators of the first Anti-Mafia Social Forum in Cinisi. They are intimate and touching conversations: “Mamma Felicia” tells of her past, of the conflictual relationship with her husband, of her great love for her son Peppino, of her choice, to the violent death of the latter, to open the doors of her home to everyone. young people, to cultivate memory and sow seeds of awareness for the future. In the words of Felicia, who supported and supported her son in his opposing the mafia, there is the desire for justice of an indomitable woman and at the same time the tenderness of a mother who recalls anecdotes of Peppino’s childhood, of his youth dedicated to political militancy , of its tragic end. Felicia talks about her fear, her fears, her pain, but with an eye to the future and to the new generations: her words become practice, daily action, incessant dialogue, but above all a very current message of hope for the future.

For the short films at 9.15 pm the screenings of the festival begin with the short film Faleminderit by Nicolas Neuhold (Luxembourg). In 1921 a Luxembourgish cartographer visited Albania to prepare maps for the new independent country. During the chaotic Paris Ambassadors’ Conference, an observation he made will change the outcome of the diplomatic meeting.

On the beach at 9.30 pm the screening of the Italian short The Nightwalk by Adriano Valerio shot between Italy and France. Jarvis has just moved to Shanghai when he is suddenly confined to his still empty apartment. He finds it difficult to cope with loneliness and the only way to escape his nightmares is to escape to the deserted city. Followed by the French animation of Le Musicien by Reza Riahi. During a ferocious attack, a young musician and the love of his life are brutally separated from each other. Fifty years later, the musician is called to play at the Mongolian castle where his beloved was kept.

We start in the morning on the Lungomare double appointment by SUPrising: from 9:30 to 10:30 SUP Yoga a yoga session on specific Stand Up Paddle boards and from 17:30 to 18:30 SUP Chill Yoga Session yoga & breathing mindfulness always on Stand Up Paddle boards.

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