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Antonio Bellia


After his degree in psychology, he debuts as film director with the documentary “Peppino Impastato: storia di un siciliano libero.” For several years following, he  alternatively directed documentaries and worked as a film-making assistant.

In 2005, he founds with Davide Ficarra, the Demetra Produzioni, having as its principal objective the production of documentaries and videos for cinema and television. Also in 2005, thanks to the success of the documentary “Crimini di Pace” (on the ecological disaster provoked by the Gela petrochemical refinery), he is invited to be a member of the scientific committee of DESS (Ten-year Education Sustainable Development) of the Italian National Committee for UNESCO.

In 2007, with “A Pirrera”, he is invited to hold a cycle of seminars on the Italian documentary in several prestigious American Universities, including HarvardUniversity in Cambridge and Tulane in New Orleans.

In 2008, he collaborates with Rai Educational by shooting two documentaries for the TV series  “La storia siamo noi.”

In 2009, he founds with Demetra Produzioni, the SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival, of which he has been the art director since its origin.

In the last years, though remaining faithful to his love for documentaries, he has started taking on different modalities of audiovisual expression: from music videoclips to TV ads, from fiction short films to forms of video art.

In 2010 he returns to directing films with two works: “Uno di Noi”, a collective film made for the Franco-German TV ‘ARTÈ’ and “A Tutto Tonno”, film in which he revisits the debate on environmental subjects through this documentary about the fishing of the red tuna in the Mediterranean sea.

In 2012 he made the film documentary “Il Santo Nero” and in 2013 co-direct another collective film for the Franco-German TV ‘ARTÈ “No Mans Land”. During the same year is co-author of the film “Tutte le scuole del Regno” by Marco Bechis.

In 2014 is Executive Producer of the film “La Musica di Calatafimi” write and directed by David Riondino.

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