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Waste Mandala

From 2011, a group of volunteers started to collect garbage from the Himalayan peaks and Holy Sites in Nepal. They are the Green Soldiers, the special army headed by Acut Gurung that, as in a Bollywood version of Don Quixote, carries out a fight against windmills made of plastic, indifference, and loss of cultural identity. Inspired by this vision, the Green Soldiers want to leave an indelible mark, to regain an ancient symbol starting exactly from what is considered as a scrap: a huge Mandala.

Audience award for best documentary

The prize consists in a work of art made from recycled materials.


Alessandro Bernard and Paolo Ceretto are both independent filmmakers based in Turin. Together, they directed Space Hackers (2007), Program 101 the machine that changed the world (2011), En cas de – Kway brand history (2012), Waste Mandala (2015), Keep on Kombat (2015).

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Diretto da/Directed by: Alessandro Bernard, Paolo Ceretto

Prodotto da/Produced by: Zenit Arti Audiovisive

Montaggio/Editing: Alessandro Bernard

Direttore della Fotografia/D.O.P.: Paolo Ceretto

Musiche/Music: The Sweetlife Society, Pietro Paluello

Suono/Sound: Vito Martinelli

Durata/Running Time: 52′

Paese di produzione/Country of Production: Italy 2015

Contatti/Contact: francesca@zenit.to.it

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