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Umudugudu! Rwanda 20 years on

Rwanda, 2014. Former genocide killers and survivors live together once again in umudugudus (villages). How is life together, when your neighbour is the one who killed your family? Released from prison in 2012, Osée massacred over 100 people in 1994 and has now returned to his home village. He lives next to Esperance, who miraculously survived Osée’s machete and still bares its scars on her head and back. A thought-provoking reflection on rebuilding life and society in the hills of Rwanda.

Award for second best short film 

The prize consists in a work of art made from recycled materials.

The film help to bring back, 20 years after the genocide, the complexity of relationships and the ability for resiliance of the Rwandan community.

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Diretto da/Directed by: Giordano Cossu

Prodotto da/Produced by: Hirya Lab

Montaggio/Editing: Julia Revault, Vincent Thuet

Direttore della Fotografia/D.O.P.: Vincent Thuet

Musiche/Music: Rwandan music

Durata/Running Time: 35′ 06″

Paese di produzione/Country of Production: France 2014

Contatti/Contact: giordano.cossu@gmail.com

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