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Tagikaks – Once were hunters


Jury Special mention, documentary section

“The Jury Special Mention is assigned to a film which deals with an important theme, that is the clash of the cultures.

We are in the extreme north of the Russia, where the fishermen of whales face the arrive of technology in their lives

The director Kira Jääskeläinen, in her film Tagikaks – Once were hunters show us, in a extraordinary set, a father who, with his two children, has to face this very difficult transition.”



Kolya and Sasha live in the small whaling community by the Bering Strait in Chukotcka, Russia. While their father reminisces about the good old days, the two brothers try to find their own paths in a world where the traditional way of life is being challenged by poverty, alcoholism and globalization. There are only dreams of something better. Without using many words, this film raises some difficult questions concerning this generation of young males of the First nations of the Arctic.



Kira Jääskeläinen was born in Warsaw into a Finnish-Polish family. She moved to Finland as a child and finished high school in Helsinki. Kira studied at the University of Copenhagen and at the All Russian State University of Cinematography in Moscow. Since 2005, she has visited Chukotka nine times. She has traveled thousands of kilometers by airplane, boat, helicopter, snowmobile and dog sled. In 2007, she wrote her Master’s thesis based on her field studies and, in 2012, she finished her debut film “Tagikakas – Once Were Hunters”. Kira has grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Nipkow Programm (Germany). She is currently working on a documentary dilm that follows the journey of Finnish explorer Sakari Pälsi, who traveled throughout Chukotka almost 100 years ago.00 anni fa.

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Directed by: Kira Jääskeläinen

Produced by: JouniHiltunen – Katharsis Films

Editing: Katja Pällijeff

D.O.P.: Timo Peltonen

Music: Uno Helmersson

Sound: Janne Jankeri

Time: 55’15’’

Country of Production: Finlandia 2012

Contact: kira.jaaskelainen@gmail.com


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