The sea is calm but we are not! The films are here, the theaters are ready, and the energy of this incredible summer that smacks of eagerness and smells of rebirth overwhelms us. Siciliambiente Film Festival is not a sequence of films and documentaries, it is a reflection, an exhortation, a breath for the planet – says Giuseppe Peraino, mayor of San Vito Lo Capo, kicking off the event: sustainability is not “a speech” it is not words, it is deeds, actions, human commitment.

We are happy to do our part, welcomed by San Vito Lo Capo into the embrace of this summer 2022.

Arpa presented its inspiring projects: “Coral” for biodiversity and the incredible territory that hosts us, the “EdenMed” project for environmental education for a sustainable Mediterranean, because sustainability starts from knowledge, training and information, and finally “Miarem” for the improvement of the marine environment and “Microplastics” thanks to UOC Research and Innovation and UOC Sea Area, respectively.

Festival San Vito Lo Capo 169 SiciliambienteFrom environmental to social balance, a special mention to Ciro De Caro, director of “Giulia“, a film “with no makeup” in which individual freedom clashes with the desire for family, in which the very concept of family finds expression and contradiction.

On Tuesday we begin to get into the thick of our festival with many films, events and a full house of emotions. The presentation of the book by Giuseppe Ungherese – head of Greenpeace Italy‘s Pollution Campaign since 2015 – is a real injection of hope. “Not all the sea is lost” is not limited to the analysis and investigation of the causes for the health of the seas, but proposes practices and solutions because protecting the sea and supporting its regeneration, is possible. That is why we are here!

It is no coincidence that Gianfranco Iacono, director of “A Dream of Himera” is here with us: the poignant Hellenic beauty in a dreamlike reconstruction full of hope for redemption. From animation and dreamlike to the realism of “Empiric” about the issue of abortion in Romania under communism. The presence of director Ioana Turcan enriched an important discussion. Finally, with Christian Nicoletta and his “Living in a postcard,” a topic that touches us all very closely took the stage: tourism and its inevitable contradictions.

It promises to be a rich, deep, thoughtful festival; we can’t wait to see how it continues!

Festival San Vito Lo Capo 162 Siciliambiente

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