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First prize plaque “Il Faro” to the second best short or animation

Reason: A wild and cruel world populated by animals observed by a human cynical world which is only trying to fulfill its voyeuristic pleasure. A sci-fi dimension of a reality in which scraps and rubbish nourish life.

Pandy warns us to avoid our nightmares coming true.



The world is moving ever so fast and humans are claiming more and more space without necessarily considering the consequences. “Pandas” are caught in the middle of a game where concepts of commercialism and pure voyeuristic entertainment are put side by side with notions of animal preservation. Yet, the very same “saviors” are tampering with natural selection processes and altering the mind of the pandas. Pandas are at this point existing at the mercy of man but suddenly this compromising existence is altered by events beyond their control. From that point on, a new chapter starts in the incessant struggle between man and the rest of the nature.


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Directed by: Matúš Vizár

Produced by: Peter Badač, Tomáš Hrubý

Editing: Matej Šámal, Matej Búril,Matúš Vizár

Music: Ink Midget

Sound: Milos Hanzely

Time: 11’28’’ animazione

Country of Production: Slovacchia, Repubblica Ceca 2013

Contact: peter@bfilm.sk


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