In these days in which so many young people have spoken up and marched to relaunch the need for a great battle to defend the environment, we want to give our support to the citizen committee No Marine Resort, born in San Vito Lo Capo to protect that rea from any attack.
One must say that, though many don’t like it, Greta Thunberg has intercepted a common need in different parts of the worls. She was able to, thanks to the help of the media and social media, place much attention on themes regarding the environment which may no longer be ignored.
After so many years of immobility by citizens, it is nice to see an awakening in the world, and a will to be the makers of one’s own destiny, without delegating our rights and choices entirely to politics.
Regarding decisions which may strongly condition the development of a territory, citizens and administrators must take part in a participative process: on one hand through the polarity of pressure, on the other through the polarity of comparison and choices. To summarize, we believe that a direct and active interaction between citizens and administration is always fundamental.
San Vito Lo Capo is a place in which nature has permitted developement and undoubtedly significant well-being, and for this reason it is reassuring and exciting to know that a committee of citizens can be created spontaneously to keep watch over possible speculations which may place the integrity of the area at risk. And, it is important and a sign of a great civilization that the city administrators are open to dialogue and conversation with its citizens, as it is happening here. All in all, we are proud to feel part of a territory which has environmental protection and respect for the planet at the center of its interests!

Antonio Bellia


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