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In a dystopian society highly specialized labor is the supreme value. In order to obtain a better and faster production, the hands and senses of the workers are replaced by more performing technological prosthesis. But a surgeon, who specializes in these substitutions, faces a particular case, which will put him into question, and the whole system.

Scuola Fuorinorma Award

Awarded for its strong visionary power and for the audiovisual quality of the tale.

TTPixel Award

The film talks about a society in which work comes first, with its efficiency and hyperproductivity, setting aside values and awareness. A scenario that is ever closer to reality and ever further to fantasy. In a few efficient minutes, the films brings about a deep reflection on these themes.

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Diretto da/Directed by: Margherita Clemente

Prodotto da/Produced by: CSC- Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia- Dip. Animazione

Montaggio/Editing: Margherita Clemente

Direttore della Fotografia/D.O.P.: Margherita Clemente, Maria Garzo

Musiche/Music: Fulvio Chiara

Suono/Sound: Paolo Armao, Vito Martinelli – Zero DB Studio Torino

Durata/Running Time: 06′ 01″

Paese di produzione/Country of Production: Italy 2015

Contatti/Contact: animazione@fondazionecsc.it

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