We continue to navigate through a thousand emotions and incredible visions.
This edition of the Siciliambiente Film Festival carries with it the whole contemporary load of love, of reminders of human rights, of an idea of “environment” and sustainability that crosses the issues of pollution and takes them to an even more complex level.

Ottavio Navarra presented with Alessio Calaciura his “I wanted to be pernambuco” (Navarra Edizioni), in an informal and reflective conversation, followed by the passionate reading by Sergio Sichenze: “Literary Journey: the Sicily of Vincenzo Consolo“.

Kicking off the viewings was “On My Way,” a first-person narrative directed by Emelie Carlsson Gras, who joined us here: a journey of awareness in Senegal, discovering hip hop, rap, and female filmmaking in the African country, amid prejudices and the desire to appropriate one’s place in the world.

At the beach, later, we met director Filip Remunda from “Chickens, Virus and Us,” a tender documentary about the lives of his family (wife and 3 children) during the pandemic, who decide to adopt one rooster each after realizing the impact that intensive and disrespectful animal farming has had and still has on our planet. All this, accompanied by the usual naive questions of children, which generate doubts in adults themselves.

Festival San Vito Lo Capo 235 Siciliambiente

Thursday long day: Sup Sunrise, group Stand Up Paddle outing with breathing mindfulness session, to prepare for the intense evening.

Aperitif with Ottavio Navarra and Giankarim De Caro, a writer with a dry and sharp style who give words to the invisibles of Sicily.

Female visions full of important emotions: Sheila Melosu, organizer and soul of the festival, meets journalist and reporter Angela Caponnetto and Sahraa Karimi, Afghan filmmaker – “People on the Run. Migrations: between rule of law and necessity” – theirs was more than a meeting, it was the open-hearted confrontation of two human beings who have known inhumanity.
The tangible pain of Angela’s tales of broken lives, of migration, restores the human side of a phenomenon that crowds the shores and disrupts the lives of entire countries. To this the heated and pained counterpoint of the words of Sahraa, an exile forced by the occupation to leave Afghanistan where women are harassed, killed, forced to live in the shadows and in absurd captivity.

“Change,” said Sahraa referring to the Taliban, “is not a project but a process.” We greeted her with grateful and tight hearts, but with the richness of her true, personal, profound narrative.

Open debate with Marco Borromei also, co-writer of Laura Samanj‘s “Piccolo Corpo” the story of the strength of a mother who faces a long and articulate journey in order to rescue from limbo the soul of her baby girl who died at birth. And then we ended up among the oceans with York Hovest and his “Heroes of the sea” a documentary about protecting the sea and its heroes filmed over 5 years.

XVI SiciliAmbiente Film Festival, with Sheila Melosu


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