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Le cose belle – The good thinghs

In Naples time doesn’t exist. This is a popular belief, a superstition, a song. In Naples time is spent waiting, and then, all of a sudden, just remembering. So will the beautiful things arrive? We compare four lives full of hope in a Naples of 1999, and then today, in a totally paralyzed Naples. Ten years and ten majors later, we came back to film our protagonists for three years, and in 2013 they no longer believe in beautiful things…

Second prize plaque “il Faro” ti the second best documentary

The second prize Targa Il Faro is assigned to a film which has fascinated us.

This is the story of four young persons with their dreams when they was adolescent and after 12 years.

Naples, generous and cruel city, is the frame of their lives, in which the movie proposes an original thought about destiny.

Cinema is the best way of express this kind of consideration.

Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno totally got it, so letting us find again those grown up kids, who have been filmed with sensitivity many years ago.


Best documentary for the audience


Own air prize

This film shows that is still possible to talk about a hidden reality with passion and patience, telling about the passing time, joining the innocence of youghood to the disillusion of the growth.

This film values with his young but lucid glance the opportunities given by the video on demand, which let us see what we can’t notice at a first glance.



Agostino Ferrente,is a director, producer, artistic director. After studying performing arts in Bologna and attending Ipotesi Cinema, he produced various short films with his company Pirata Manifatture Cinematografiche. He created L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio with Mario Tronco of Avion Travel and tells of its birth in 2006 in the documentary of the same name. He created “OPV i Diari del ritorno”.

Giovanni Piperno,has been an assistant camera operator for Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorsese, Nanni Moretti, Rotunno, Spinotti, Lanci, Seale, Kaminski and Deakins. In 1992, he began co-producing and co-directing videos and documentaries with Laura Muscardin and from 1999 with Agostino Ferrente. Starting in 1997, he began directing television programs and documentaries.

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2014 locandina le cose belle


Directed by: Agostino Ferrente e Giovanni Piperno

Produced by: Agostino Ferrente – Pirata M.C., Parallelo 41, Point Film, Bianca Film, Ipotesi Cinema

Editing: Paolo Petrucci & Roberta Cruciani

D.O.P.: Giovanni Piperno

Music: Rocco De Rosa, Canio Loguercio & Alessandro Murzi

Sound: Max Gobiet, Daniele Maraniello e Marco Saveriano

Time: 91’11’’

Country of Production: Italia 2013

Contact: lecosebelle2013@gmail.com


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