The 12th edition of SiciliAmbiente will once again partner with Greenpeace Italia.

This year, Greenpeace will be the protagonist of a focus on climate change thanks to the presence at the festival of Giuseppe Onufrio, Executive Director of Greenpeace Italy, Alessandro Giannì, Director of Campaigns at Greenpeace Italy, and climatologist Antonello Pasini, who will hold a public conference.

SiciliAmbiente, which has always been an important point of reference for environmental issues, will be the audience from which Greenpeace Italia will promote the “Italy 1.5” campaign. A scenario of energy revolution in the name of transition towards renewables and total decarbonisation of the country.

A plan that would allow Italy to comply with the Paris agreements, becoming a zero-emissions country, with economic, employment-related and energy-independence related advantages.

The energy revolution promoted by Greenpeace, in addition to responding to the concerns of the scientific community, would bring economic and employment-related advantages. By 2030, according to the study published by Greenpeace Italy, there would in fact be the creation of 163 thousand jobs, or an increase in direct employment in the energy sector of approximately 65%. Also from an economic point of view, the transition could be entirely financed with the savings deriving from non-importation of fossil fuels by 2030. A systemic change that would lead to enormous economic advantages in the decades to follow.

For Greenpeace it is not possible to think of a better future if we do not focus with determination and speed on renewables and energy efficiency, abandoning fossil fuels that cause climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation.

Mass migration, loss of arable land, melting ice, extreme climatic phenomena: these are just some of the consequences that will become increasingly serious and irreversible if the Paris Agreements on global warming and CO2 emissions are not respected.

Among the events related to Greenpeace Italia, the documentary “The climate Limbo”, directed by Francesco Ferri, Paolo Caselli, and Elena Brunello, will be screened. The film focuses on the complex connection between environmental disasters and migration. The film documents how climate change will push more and more people to leave their land. There is still no recognition of the climate refugee condition in the international asylum system, where millions of men and women live in a man-made limbo, and its impact on the environment.

These and many other themes will be brought to the attention of the festival’s attentive audience.

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