Siciliambiente Film Festival was born 13 years ago. At that time there was talk of sustainable development in many areas, but very little in cinema. There were major festivals that dealt with human rights and others that dealt with the environment. But for us, those two great themes were inseparable, they were closely linked, they were part of a single goal: to improve humanity. And so,¬†SiciliAmbiente was born. At first, many did not understand some artistic choices among the works in competition, they told us ‘what does this film have to do with your festival?’
But we had clear ideas right from the start, we published our mission and contacted those who are today some of our best known and most appreciated partners in the world: Amnesty International Italia and Greenpeace Italia, and slowly we have gained their trust. Making a festival on the environment and human rights means for us first of all being consistent with our mission, choosing – on the basis of ethics and respect for living beings and the planet –¬† the travel companions with whom to share a path, a growth, a goal.
We cannot say ‘we are pacifists’ while selling weapons of mass destruction, or say ‘we support clean energy’ while polluting the air, land, and sea, every day.
We believe in a better future and for this reason we try, with all our limitations, to use the seventh art to talk about many small and big stories that happen around us all.

Greenpeace Italia article: Ask Eni to change
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