This year, SiciliAmbiente will hold a series of film screenings the weekend before the festival, to kick-off the season in Macari, Castelluzzo and San Vito Lo Capo! 🐠

With the cultural association Eikon, we are proud to present their project FeelMare, where films are screened in the most beautiful town squares of Sicily on their traveling Ape Piaggio! 🐡
And with a special floating screen, we will bring cinema to the SEA in San Vito Lo Capo… 🐟

Don’t miss out, save the date!

Friday, July 14 9:30 pm, Piazza Castelluzzo, Castelluzzo
Captain Fantastic by Matt Ross (120’); USA 2016

Saturday, July 15 9:30 pm, Harbor of San Vito Lo Capo
The Last Catch by Markus CM Schmidt (85’); Germany 2012

Sunday, July 16 9:30 pm, Piazzetta S. Giovanni, Macari
Wangki, the silence of the whales, by J. G. De Freitas, M. V. Rivara (55’); Italy, Nicaragua 2014

Monday, July 17 9:30 pm P.zza C. Barbera, San Vito Lo Capo
Lo Scambio, by Salvo Cuccia (93’); Italy 2016

Download the PRE-FESTIVAL schedule: