Friday, penultimate day!

Full of energy after the 8 o’clock yoga session, we had a great time with the 11th SiciliAmbiente Under 18 Regatta. Pino Aiello Memorial – curated by Layline.

Festival San Vito Lo Capo 353 Siciliambiente

For the literary aperitif offered by Olis Geraci and Lauria wines we presented “Il labirinto delle perdute” by Ester Rizzo, edited by Navarra Editore, stories of extraordinary women, and then we enjoyed the award ceremony of the outstanding young sailors.

Profound and engaging was the presence of Anna Favella, with her “A Fast Speech on Slowness,” with musical accompaniment by Gabrio Bevilacqua and Francesco Guaiana, in collaboration with Amnesty International: an incisive thought on the importance of time, slowness and reclaiming every moment.

Festival San Vito Lo Capo 513 Siciliambiente

The screenings featured many directors in the room: Nico Bonomolo of “Mistral” talked about his drawings and the world behind them, Charlotte Geysel of “Glory” brought her thanks for the selection of her animation about the life of a bullfighter; producer Afat Baz of “Heza” told us about the life of the main character and the dramatic situation in the Middle East.

Sala 2 featured Matteo Tortone, director of “Mother Lode,” a documentary that is a coming-of-age story about a young man who leaves home and family to try his luck in the gold mines of the Peruvian Andes, a journey in which reality blends with suggestion, dragging the viewer along a path of awareness and growth.

We thus approach the last intense day. A start in yellow with the caustic comedy of Ioan Viborg and his inspector Marineo in Marineide^3.

Festival San Vito Lo Capo 489 Siciliambiente

We close on a high note with “Figli dello stesso mare” fruit of the project “Siciliambiente and Arpa at school together” and after the award ceremony we return to talk about issues that touch us closely with Leo Gassmann’s “Rights between music and words” conversation and live session by Amnesty international italia.

But who won? Here they are 

As for us, we are happily won by the beauty, the participation, the love we encountered, breathed, felt. For this we are grateful to the people, the sea, the planet to which we dutifully try to pay respect and care. And now? Ready for a new journey!

Siciliambiente film festival 2022 – I Vincitori 


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