The Winners of the SiciliAmbiente: Short Films and Animations

The 100 Autori jury composed by Chiara Agnello, Mario Balsamo e Maurizio Sciarra decided to award prizes to the following works:


To “LA DETENTE” by Pierre Ducos e Bertrand Bey (France), for creativity and thick flippancy used to treat such a difficult subject: war and devastation. The result, as well as contaminating various movie languages with an innovative way, obtains a strong and expressive power.


To “LA MEDIA PENA” by Sergio Barrejon (Spain), for originality it use to show the dark moments in the life of a wealthy powerful and apparently satisfied man. Referable to suicide issues caused by the economic crisis, highly
lately treated by media, this short film shows how a change of look on themselves or on things
could be able to show aspects and consequences not foreseen, honoring what cinema is from his birth.

The jury awarded a SPECIAL MENTION

To “5 KMQ” by Sonia Giardina e Salvatore Tuccio (Italy). An island, a community that holds themselves to the rest of the world only if a ferry docks there. Even in a form still looking for originality, an insight that deserves attention.

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