The 4th SiciliAmbiente – Documentary Film Festival San Vito Lo Capo will take place from the 17th to the 22th of July 2012.
The aim of SiciliAmbiente Festival is to promote the art documentary cinema related to environmental issues, and to encourage contacts and exchange of views and ideas between the directors.
This Festival is made and sponsored by Demetra Produzioni SAS and CANTIERE 7 cultural association, with the support of the City of San Vito Lo Capo and several sponsors who share the same principles of the Festival.
The Film Exhibition is articulated in different sections: the international film contest for documentaries on environmental subjects, an international contest of fiction and animation shorts and several tributes, retrospectives, seminars and panel discussions.
The Selection Committee will base its choices on texts and images quality and, more generally, on the use of a creative language indentifying art documentary cinema.

Documentaries of any nationality and length are admitted to take part to the selection, provided that they were completed after the 1st of January 2011. In case of selection, the format for the projection of the film may be: Betacam SP PAL, HDV, DVCAM, miniDV and DVD blu ray. Other formats must be approved by the Festival management. No rental fees will be paid for the contest section of the Festival.
Films in language other than Italian must be subtitled in Italian and in case of selection to the final phase they must be sent to the festival with the requested presentation pack and the english dialogues list.
Films to be presented in animation and short section must be shorter than 30 minutes or they will be
15€ for documentaries and 10€ for shorts must be payed for selection registration to this current account:
Cantiere 7 Associazione Culturale IBAN IT66J0335901600100000013497 Banca Prossima.
Please send us an email confirmation with the payment receipt attached to Nonpayment will exclude sent films to the selection.
An international jury, composed by influent figures in Cinema and Culture will assign the following prizes:
* “Il Faro” (‘The Lighthouse’) Prize to the Best Documentary, with a € 1.000,00 grant.
* “Il Faro” Plate to the 2nd Best Film.
* The Audience Award, chosen by the audience attending the Festival, with a recycled material artwork.
. “Il Faro” (‘The Lighthouse’) Prize to the Best short and animation film, with a € 500,00 grant.
* “Il Faro” Plate to the 2nd Best short and animation film.
The amount of the awards in money will be paid within 6 months from the date of the assignment.
The filmmakers and/or the producers of the films selected will be notified by the 10th of June 2012. No notification will be provided for the excluded films. The selection, the programme and the projections schedule are at the sole discretion of the Direction.

The application form, completely filled in and signed, must be sent with the required documentation by the 30th of April 2012 (the postmark date will be taken in account as a proof).
Postal expenses for the required documentation are at the participant’s expense. If you are sending a work from abroad, remember to write on the parcel, for customs purposes, the following note: “Senza valore commerciale, per soli scopi culturali”/ “Without commercial value, for cultural purposes only”. The Festival will not cover the postage charges for the return of DVDs and VHS.
The application form, supplemented with any additional material required, must be sent to the following address:

Demetra Produzioni
Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi n. 44
00145 Roma

Authors and/or Producers are responsible for the content of their films, and upon registration to the Festival, they must declare that all the obligations towards third parts deriving from copyright laws and related to the use of copyright material have been fulfilled.
Registration is subjected to the acceptance of the condition that all received materials are kept deposited in the SiciliAmbiente Archive and that authorization is granted to use them for cultural and educational purposes, for research and promotion, also in places and contexts other than this Festival, excluding any commercial use in order to safeguard filmmakers’ and producers’ interests. The Festival will act as intermediary between the holder of the rights and distributors.

Every selected or invited film must be supplemented with:
- the application form, completely filled in and signed;
- the required documentation.
The film copies and the videos selected for projection must be delivered by the 10th of July 2011 to the following address:

Demetra Produzioni
Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi n. 44
00145 Roma

Postal expenses and custom clearance will be covered by the sender. SiciliAmbiente will cover postal expenses and custom clearance for the return. If, after the screening at this Festival, a copy is requested for another festival, postage and custom clearance will be at the expense of the party making the request.
In any case, SiciliAmbiente will cover the charges relative to no more than one shipment of the copy.

The donation of one copy of the film – in Betacam SP, HDV, DVCAM or mini DV format – for the archive would be highly appreciated. The copy will be used for research purposes, for preservation itself, and for promotion of the documentary cinema, being excluded any commercial use.
If an Author or Producer decides to withdraw from the Festival a film which has already been included in the programme after the selection, a compensation sum of € 1.000,00 will be demanded for damages.
The Festival provides a “nail to nail” insurance coverage for copies of the films included in programme. In case of loss or damage of a copy, SiciliAmbiente’s responsibility will be limited to the reprinting costs of the copy, on the basis of the corresponding Italian prices.
Participation in the selection implies the acceptance of the above Regulations, available also in the Italian version. In case of issues in the interpretation of these rules, the Italian version of the Regulations only is considered valid.

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