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SiciliaAmbiente Festival aims to be an important international meeting to confront and reflect on issues of sustainability. Beginning with the first edition, during the days of the contest, artistic, playful and sportive initiatives are organized and offered to the public in order to enforce this vision. To date, sixteen associations alternate in organizing these activities and in all the editions San Vito lo Capo’s streets have been the natural scenario of a great feast on environment and sustainability. Among the initiatives proposed until now, we mention laboratories on the reuse and responsible consumption, artistic installations, book presentations, sport demonstrations, photographic exhibitions, kids playing on the beach, group biking tours, natural excursions and others. All this has been possible thanks to the enthusiasm and availability of volunteers that have seen in the Festival a possibility of giving life to a collective moment of sharing whilst putting in practice individuals’ passions and skills. Gratitude must go to the municipality of San Vito lo Capo that, embracing the spirit of the Festival, have always been available to facilitate the organizational logistics.

This year, SiciliaAmbiente continues in its purpose of talking about sustainability and does so with growing consciousness and ideas. The fourth edition’s principal theme of the activities, proposed to everyone free of charge, would be of sustainable energies. This subject will be tackled in the most broad-minded way and this year we expect to involve a great number of associations and realities that can and want to give their contribution. We believe that the activities suggested during the days of the Festival could be a natural continuation to confront and deepen the starting points offered by the documentaries projected during the movie contest. We also hope that this year whoever shares this view will come to visit us from the 17th to the 22nd of July at San Vito lo Capo!

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